R+R Premium Membership


Premium membership for the Resilience + Reach Summit.


Looking to take the deep dive with Resilience and Reach? This premium package allows you to soak in the massive depth of content on offer at your own pace.  Plus, there are also some great goodies only available with a premium membership to the Resilience and Reach summit.  Interested?  Here’s what we’re including: 

  • Private access to all video recordings for download or to view in our members only area
  • Access to all audio files of our speakers’ interviews and panels in MP3
  • A bonus interview with the 5 teachers of the Integral Coaching® Certification Program candidly discussing the nuance of how change processes occur that you can apply to your own life and development right away.
  • A 90-minute bonus interview with Joanne Hunt and Laura Divine, founders of Integral Coaching Canada and legends in the field of coaching and igniters of a full on global developmental movement through ICC’s extended graduate body of Integral Coaches™.
  • A copy of the Integral Coaching Canada edition of the Journal of Integral Theory and Practice. A digital book chronicling the building of a globally recognized change methodology and certification school. Satisfy your hunger to understand how and why this shit works! Pull back the curtain on the change process in the most intimate and personal way and devour this content to blow open new perspectives and possibilities for change.