Resilience + Reach was born out of the acknowledgement that there is both a great need and hunger for perspectives, resources and capabilities to cope with and even thrive within the lives we find ourselves so earnestly carrying out, as well as the recognition that there is a global community and network of deeply embodied practitioners who are enabling individuals, organizations and global leaders to create some seriously sustainable change.

This project brings us together, with vastly varied experience and perspective and a common thread of the most comprehensive and practically applied model for human development woven through our shared mastery. In deep service of our collective health and evolution and because everyone loves a little wisdom party, may we, a worldwide gathering of Integral Master Coaches™, invite you to join us to deepen your resilience and expand your reach.

First time meeting Integral Coaching Canada? It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance. We’re going to love you.

Integral Coaching Canada is the world’s leading Integral Coaching® training company. Founded in Ottawa, Canada, ICC has expanded into a global school, currently offering our Certification Program in North America, Europe and Australia.

In addition to delivering a truly comprehensive and all-embracing method, allowing coaches and clients to fully face the complexity and demands of our times with embodied skill, heart and grace, we also boast an awe inspiring ICC community of over 1000 Integral Coaches™ globally. This community of practitioners share in a lineage that is ever-evolving, growing with the individual and collective needs as a professional body and developmental Sangha.

Find our more about ICC, our founders, faculty, and the Integral Coaching® Certification Program: http://www.integralcoachingcanada.com/icc-advantage

Chela Davison

Chela Davison

Director, ICC

Meet Your Host

Hey there, I’m Chela and I’m so glad you’re here! I hope that what we’ve created in this space, with so many dear friends and colleagues, will serve as inspiration and also be totally useful and applicable to your precious life.

We’ve gathered together these 30 Integral Master Coaches™ to jam with us, providing insight, practice and resources to support all of us in living more dynamic and resilient lives.

I’ve been in private practice as an Integral Coach™ since 2009, working with world renowned authors, leaders, business owners and coaches. With a lifetime passion and commitment to helping people create work that they love and that contributes to the world, and having recently stepped into the role of Managing Director, Leadership and Strategic Innovation at Integral Coaching Canada, I was inspired to bring together deeply embodied leaders who are having a great and diverse impact to share what they’ve got. I’m so honoured to be collaborating with such an incredible global community. May this be of service to you. Welcome!