Resilience + Reach

An Online Global Summit.

Presented by Integral Coaching Canada

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What does it take to be able to dynamically respond to what is?

How do we cultivate resilience in a world of rapid change, high demand and ever increasing complexity?

What is needed in us, individually and collectively, in order to create change, expand our reach and make an impact in spheres of influence that deeply matter to us?

Resilience + Reach: Online Global Summit

Presented by Integral Coaching Canada

Is woven into the fabric of your life a deep commitment to ongoing learning and development? Do you look at the world around you and long to be of deep service, contributing in ways that are unique to your own passion, gifts, and the wholeness of who you are?


Are you already a coach, consultant or in some way in service to leaders and your fellow human beings, on behalf of achieving the highest developmental potential and alleviating suffering?


Has your curiosity been piqued by or have you taken a deep dive into Integral Theory and Practice and sense a call to really bring these cohesive maps and perspectives into form?

If any of this resonates, you don’t want to pass by here without joining this global community of folks like you, diving deeply into topics and sharing wisdom that will no doubt swim beautifully with the wisdom and longing that you have within you.

Join the conversation with 30 of the world's leading Integral Master Coaches™

In this 5-day self-paced online summit, these deeply embodied practitioners will share their wisdom and experience in fields of change; developing resilience and making and impact with individuals, organizations and their own selves as instruments of transformation.

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World Class Coaches

Panels and Interviews

Gain access to Interviews and Panels with 30 of the world’s leading Integral Master Coaches™, spanning topics of high performance breakthroughs in winner-takes-all industries to cultivating resilience in the face of illness.

Join leaders in executive business, Olympic performance, conscious entrepreneurship and social justice in private, public and not-for-profit fields.

Learn from masters who are applying Integral Coaching®, Integral frameworks and are on the leading edge of development in areas of deep and sacred relevance such as parenting, finance, health, spiritual practice, stress and burnout, and raising consciousness itself.

Amazing Premium Content

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To access the Summit content, purchase the Resilience + Reach package which includes:

  • Access to all video recordings for download or to view in our members only area
  • Access to all audio files of our speaker’s interviews and panels in MP3
  • A bonus interview with the 5 teachers of the Integral Coaching® Certification Program candidly discussing the nuance of how change processes occur that you can apply to your own life and development right away.
  • A 90-minute bonus interview with Joanne Hunt and Laura Divine, founders of Integral Coaching Canada and legends in the field of coaching and igniters of a full on global developmental movement through ICC’s extended graduate body of Integral Coaches™.
  • A copy of the Integral Coaching Canada edition of the Journal of Integral Theory and Practice. A digital book chronicling the building of a globally recognized change methodology and certification school. Satisfy your hunger to understand how and why this shit works! Pull back the curtain on the change process in the most intimate and personal way and devour this content to blow open new perspectives and possibilities for change.

Want in? Purchase now for CAD$79.

If you’re ready to make the next leap in your development and life’s work, if you’re seeking new ways to accelerate your effectiveness or deepen your practice, you’ll want to soak in the wisdom and fiercely practical insights of our speakers and panelists as they answer questions and deliver the goods on topics like…

  • What are the greatest challenges leaders are facing in the times we’re in and what capabilities are needed to resiliently respond to those challenges? And, let’s face it: we’re all leading something.
  • What are some of the cultural norms we’re smashing up against that totally thwart healthy development and sustainable change?
  • How can we effectively navigate the complexity and dualistic nature of being alive right now, from the longing for great achievement, drive and success to the tender ache for rest, healing, connection?
  • What do the best of the best have cultivated in them- from business to sport to spiritual teachings? What can this show us about our own desire and development?
  • What are the ingredients of the secret sauce of fulfilling life’s work? How can we get cooking?
  • How can we gracefully navigate death and illness? Why don’t we want to talk about these things and how can we slay the taboo on suffering?
  • How do we close the gap between our vision for ourselves and our lives and actually being able to carry it out with confidence and heart?
  • How can we affect large systems change in the face of greed and corruption?
  • Where do we find our people? Our tribe, our community, the ones we most want to travel with, grow with and call home?
  • How do we know what’s holding us back and how to liberate ourselves on behalf of the life and impact that’s waiting for us?

You won’t find surface tips or quick fix platitudes here. These are interviews, panels and conversations with leaders of incredible heart, depth and humility, living their gorgeous and messy lives, on the edge of their own evolution and deepest work in the world.

We’ll see you there.